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Orchard Recycling with the 700B Empowers Almond Growers with Sustainability

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The use of the IronWolf 700B to clear orchards has the potential to completely change the environmental impact of California’s almond growing industry for the better. Equipped with the versatility and power that IronWolf industrial-grade machines are known for, the 700B is a purpose built crawler that was designed to serve a range of heavy […]

Almond Orchard Owners Are Impressed by the IronWolf 700B

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  A fierce, 50-ton machine, aptly named the IronWolf 700B, has the potential to boost the sustainability and efficiency of California’s almond farming industry. Because of higher prices for almonds – and improved profits – California almond growers are expected to plant new orchards and increase production by as much as 3.5 percent over the […]