The New IronWolf 1450 Ejector Scraper: Fuel Efficient, Cost Effective, but No Compromise on Power

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The latest model in the IronWolf Scraper range was born out of a request from our customers. They were impressed by how maneuvrable the 12.5 yard 1200 Ejector Scraper was, but found that the model was so easy to pull that it left some room for improvement in the load-shifting stakes.

Our customers spoke, and we listened, creating a Scraper model with a deeper bowl to provide users with a couple of extra yards to play with on each load. The 1450 Ejector Scraper is a 14.5 yard model, with a 9’ cutting width, making it suitable for any of the heavier duty jobs our customers wish to accomplish. This cutting edge is finished with a reversible Frost bit, facilitating a smooth cut without the need of additional horsepower.

In fact, all the features of the 1450 Ejector Scraper were designed to enhance the efficacy of the vehicle’s function, without adding additional power requirements. For example, the scope is engineered to be easy-loading, reducing the horsepower required to achieve a full load and therefore also reducing the level of wear on the tires and engine. The 1450 Ejector Scraper model has also retained the rear hinge that featured on the previous model; a design element which saves on power and fuel.

The result is a highly versatile – and highly effective – scraper, designed to handle big loads with the utmost in efficiency.

In terms of technical specifications, the 1450 Ejector Scraper uses…

  • 100,000# tensile strength material across several key area, ensuring that it remains highly effective even with a full load
  • 1600 R20 Military Tires at the front. Highly durable 2.5 x 25 L2 tread tires at the rear
  • Adjustable cutting edges
  • Case hardened, greasable hinge pins and cylinder pins
  • Replaceable bushings in hitch assembly and other hinge points
  • Improved Big 6” ball and receiver connectors for additional traction when pulling at high quantities
  • Improved turning circle and general agility

The 1450 Ejector Scraper is now available, with many IronWolf customers opting to trade in their 1200 models for an upgrade. These early reviewers have been mightily impressed with the efficiency and capability of the latest model, and we are proud to be able to partner our customers as they get their jobs done.

To order your model or to arrange a trade in, get in touch with the IronWolf team today. All of the models in our scraper range come with a 1 year warranty as standard.